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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a web site?
The Internet is the worlds most popular and cost effective advertising media. Everyday there are millions of potential clients going online to purchase the products and services they need. You need to have a web site to canvas some of those potential clients, which enable you to deliver your message to the largest group of people that has ever been possible.

Will my existing web site be offline while you redesign it?
No, our professional web site redesign team will do all web site redesign work and web site programming offline and will implement the changes during off hours so the transition is seamless and efficient.

Will a custom web site really help my business?
Yes. Having a well crafted web site that stands out from your competitors is very effective and very valuable. Our research shows that potential clients make their decision whether to stay on your web site or move to the next competitor web site in about 3 seconds. Your web site design is crucial, it must be good enough to attract the attention of your potential clients and hold their attention long enough for them to focus on your content and make the decision to stay on your web site instead of visiting your competitors’ web sites.

Do we need to meet in person to get our online projects / web site completed?
Absolutely not, we have never met most of our clients. We do almost all our work using the telephone, email and the internet. The quality of your web project will be the best it can be without the need to meet.

There is so much to know, where do I start?
Simple, contact us, one of our professional web site consultants are ready and eager to help you assess your needs, define your objectives and get working on your project.
1.  Produce Leads.

2.  Educate prospects about the benefits you offer.

3.  Expand into new markets.

4.  Influence the people who influence others.

5.  Make your name known to people who have never heard of you.

6.  Expand on a public relations story.

7.  Build your corporate identity.

8.  Build confidence in your products / services.

9.  Keep your name on the forefront of your customers’ mind.

10. Assert your leadership.
11. Help your direct mail pay off.

12. Announce the existence of your products / services.

13. Gain credibility.

14. Become a brand name.

15. Create a desire to buy / use you.

16. Make sales.

17. Inform many people at the same time.

18. Prove your superiority.

19. Increase turnover

20. earn a profit
20 Reasons Why To Get A Web Site